As a Holistic Nutritionist and Brand Director for Wellness Companies, I offer my clients the tools, knowledge, and guidance needed to lead a healthier, more balanced life. A big part of my job is education. Educating instead of telling - so you can gain the right information that's unique to your individual selves, to heal, feel more vibrant, healthy and happy. Health is a journey; one that is a forever process, and so I provide you with the right tools, education and resources to continue your own investigation and personal support moving forward.  

My focus is on how these choices - your food, exercise, lifestyle - all contribute to your mental wellbeing. Most of my patients suffer from some form of stress, poor relationship with food and themselves, varying anxiety or mental imbalance. The interesting part? None of these issues and more are separate. They all connect to one another and it's through healing the whole system (gut, hormones, mind, relationships to oneself) that we begin to see change and overall balance.

My protocols and support will assist you in identifying the underlying causes of your health issues, as well as any areas of your nutrition that can be improved upon. Whether you’re looking to begin eating healthy, find food triggers, create a lifestyle shift, need stress management tools or target a specific illness, my coaching is unique to each individuals needs.

I believe in: nourishing your body without restriction. Creating food freedom and intuitive eating practices. I believe in moving your bod so it feels good, not because you have to. My private practice is based in getting you to a place where you feel GOOD in your own body.  




What you'll learn:

Create a positive relationship with your body
Learn how food choices can help your mental state
Learn what foods work best for you, and you specifically
Learn daily tools to help with stress, anxiety, moods and depression
Discover any underlining health issues that may be the root cause of symptoms
Healthier food alternatives - where to buy them and how to incorporate them daily
Learn how to listen to your body and provide it with what it needs
Lifestyle tactics to incorporate daily to help balance the mind and body

Are you ready to get started but not sure where to begin?
Let's talk.

I offer free 15 minute calls to see if we're a good fit, better explain how I work, my background and for you to give me a little deeper understanding of your needs. 

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In order to be sure I'm the right fit for your needs, I offer an initial 15 minute phone call. This is where you can tell me a bit about yourself & what you're needing help with. I let you know more about myself, how I work, and how we'll work together moving forward. 

Ready to get healthy? Schedule a call with me today!

$180 | 2 hours

Private consultations are one-on-one sessions with Kate to work on individual health needs. Consultations offer a thorough analysis of your health and include a follow up custom plan made just for you.

Consists of a 1.5 hour session + 30 min call
This first session includes a thorough diet, lifestyle and emotional wellness assessment, as well as health history.
You can expect to go deep. Assess the entire picture and look under the hood of your symptoms, ailments and inquiries.
You will walk away with immediate practical tips and tools to utilize immediately, however we will follow up with a 30min call to receive and discuss your thorough and personalized nutrition & lifestyle plan.

Offered in-person or on Skype.

$80 | 1 hour

60-minute session.
If it's your second visit, here you will receive your protocol and we will go into depth on what it means and how to implement these strategies and changes into your life. 
Further follow ups will include continued support & creation of additional health goals.
Discuss personal hurdles, barriers and strategies to overcome them.

Offered in-person or on Skype

30min calls | $50

30-minute phone calls to keep you on track! Simple, easy and accessible. 
Answer any questions you may have about your health plan.
Continue support + create additional health goals.
Discuss personal hurdles, barriers and strategies to overcome them.

Offered by phone or on Skype



I also offer simple packages for a greater commitment to your health. A great way for us to really work on making lasting changes for you to feel a more vibrant version of you. Each package includes consultations, nutrition and lifestyle plans, recipes and further tools + resources that we can tweak as you progress. 

Providing us a chance to truly build a strong foundation is essential for you to make a lifestyle of wellbeing, and not a chore. 

Packages are one of the most effective ways to reach your health goals, optimize your individual nutrition plan, and create long-lasting improvements for you to reach your desired lifestyle. Prepare to receive ongoing support, accountability and check-in’s! 


package 01 - SIX WEEK REFRESH

A perfect amount of time for us to truly get to know your habits and start building that groundwork foundation for you to make lasting changes. We do this by addressing your goals, your challenges, your patterns and current lifestyle. Focusing on achievable changes in both nutrition and lifestyle, we set you up with a solid structure to get moving in the right direction. 

Looking for a new start on your habits altogether or a refresh on setting the right healthy goals to get you back on track to feeling good? Then this is the right package for you! 

  • 2 coaching sessions (1 hour each)
  • 1 catch up session (30 min)
  • Continual email support throughout
  • Individualized health and lifestyle plan
  • Tips and resource e-book (for some continued inspiration)

package 02 - THREE MONTH CALM

More time means more thorough work. Our calm package allows you to not only lay that solid foundation but to continue to make the tweaks necessary so that you don’t hit any roadblocks along the way.
A perfect way to build on your changes, achieve goals and begin to make new ones, all while keepin' calm ;) 

  • 2 coaching sessions per month (1 hour each / 6 sessions in total)
  • Continual email supporT
  • An individualized health plan
  • Tips and resource e-book (for some continued inspiration)
  • Optional yoga session add-on (reduced price of $80 / hour)

package 03 - WHOLE LIVING

Looking for a whole body overhaul? The Whole Living package includes 8 nutritional consultations with mindfulness-based practices and private yoga. We work together to transform not only what you eat, but what you're thinking, doing and moving like in order to feel like the vibrant you. We will devise a schedule that works for you - whether we space things out over 4 months, or get right into it every couple of weeks. We will plan together to make it work for your specific lifestyle and goals. 

  • 8 coaching sessions (1 hour each)
  • 2 yoga sessions (1 hour each) 
  • Whole living specific exercises, resources and tools


$50 | 1 hour

Needing some help with what to shop for to create a healthier diet? Let's chat!
I will meet you at a grocery store near your neighborhood and will guide you
through the best ingredients to use, key staple ingredients you should be
purchasing, tips on how to stay on track and a recipe you can shop for (and cook
that day!). Shopping woes be gone.


$150 | 1 hour

Available for private yoga classes. I can come to your home space and provide a mat and blocks. My teachings are mainly based in a hatha vinyasa practice, but please do connect with me to describe your goals for including yoga in your life. We can work together to create the best experience and individual plan for you. 


Ready to feel calm, balanced
& vibrant? Let's get started. 

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